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Since 2009 Oscar Marta has entered the group Vezzani, leader company in the funeral sector.

 The acquisition of this company has allowed the group to:

- to spread in a well-known sector, the cemetery one. Thanks to the wide range of equipment of the catalogue Oscar Marta the offer of the group for its clients is more and more complete ;
- to diversify in sectors that are far from its core-business: urban and polling design, development and investment element by the company.
All these sectors, the cemetery one, urban and polling design that are apparently very different one from the other are joined by the same type of client: the Public Body. Thanks to the experience of many years and the service offered to the clients Oscar Marta is a leader well known company in the public sector.

“…thousands, millions of men work, produce and spare despite what we can invent to disturb, to hinder, to discourage them. It’s the vocation that supports them: not only the money need… there are entrepreneurs that spend all their energies and invest there are entrepreneurs that spend all their energies and invest all their capitals to withdraw often profits that are much more lower than those they could have with other jobs.”

Luigi Einaudi

This is the philosophy that supports and leads the VEZZANI GROUP, leader company in the funeral sector and that drives its President, Alfredo Vezzani, to create a competent and solid group that at the base of the success of the company offers not only a complete range of products but even a complete service of assistance, information and advice.

“A summary image of all the trademarks and of the complete range of products that Vezzani group offers to its clients.”
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